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Situation April 2022

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We hoped to be free of Covid-19 and to start with new businesses and continue our way of living, with more personal contacts, meetings and more businesses. Finally we are free of masks, vaccinations, and distances; we will be able to live again. Then at the 24th of February Putin and Russia invaded Ukraine, and all is again different. We feel that our way of freedom in Western Europe is  protected by the Ukraine people. We support them as much as possible.

Apart from this we have seen huge increase of prices of houses, since mid-2020. This has followed with high prices of materials for production, of food, and of energy. The inflation is high, and we will enter a new area, an area with uncertainty. This implies that everyone has to adapt to the new situation.

All these changes have an effect on our situation too.

We notice that free products such as Python and R are used in many areas. Most of these applications are very good. In industry we see many of these applications are used, though some businesses rely on commercial products. At the same time the output is sometimes limited; the format of the output and reports could be better. In general the usage of commercial products are decreasing now for many years. We have lots of experience with Python products, and are pleased to support these.

Some commercial software products are still leading in the market, if they are unique, have a valid profound added value. That’s why we are pleased with sublime products for instant usage for the data analyst.

Our products are :

Industrial engineer                         : STATGRAPHICS
Medical analyst                              : SigmaPlot
Chemical Science analyst              : Simca and Modde
General Sciences                           : IBM SPSS Statistics
Economics Sciences                      : GAUSS and EViews
Optimisation                                   : LINDO
Geo-mapping analyses                  : Golden Software
General data analyses                   : Python, NumPy, Matplotlib and SCI-Learn support.

Check out for more info about our products here

We look forward to support you in 2022.

You can contact us: for pricing and licenses : nina.brands@smitconsult.nl
For questions and general information : jan.smit@smitconsult.nl