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(SigmaPlot Development and support has been taken over by Inpixon. Maintenance & Support contracts remain honoured on the same level and procedure as before.  see press release: Inpixon-to-acquire-exclusive-global-license-for-development-distribution-of-systat-sigmaplot-software-suite)

All good things must come to an end and be replaced by something better, so saying we would like to show you a sneak peek of SigmaPlotng, which retains the essence of the older versions in look and feel but with a total tech refresh in the background.

SigmaPlotng will essentially be a totally new product [Considering that we have revamped the innards of the core product] in the same packaging ensuring that your workflow remains uninterrupted and seamless with this upgrade. SigmaPlotng is not only an innovative upgrade but it is also consistent.

SigmaPlotng is built considering the growing needs of our customers to handle complex data. With it's modular architecture SigmaPlotng offers enhanced flexibility and ease of use.

The products SigmaPlot and Systat have been acquired by Inpixon Inc USA in June 2020. We are confident that the developments for the SigmaPlot products are in good hands, and that they intend to further improve the products and add new features that the market has indicated that they wish to add.

SigmaPlot 15

SigmaPlot is the product for creating revealing and exact graphs. All graphs are high quality and can directly be used in scientific publication.

What can SigmaPlot do for you?

• SigmaPlot software helps you quickly create exact graphs
• Graphing software that makes data visualization easy
• More than 100 2-D and 3-D technical graph types
• Customize every detail of your charts and graphs
• Quickly Plot your Data from Existing Graph Templates in the Graph Style Gallery
• Publish your charts and graphs anywhere • Share high-quality graphs and data on the Web

First steps with SigmaPlot (.pdf) 

New SigmaPlot 15

SigmaPlot 15 has been released!

We are much pleased to inform that SigmaPlot 15 has been released by Inpixon. Since two years Inpixon is the owner of SigmaPlot, and version 15 is the first new version built by Inpixon.

Inpixon has made a real achievement to bring out this SigmaPlot 15. The product has been redesigned for its structure. We expect that future development for new versions will become more easy.

The new features are:
• Includes a New Heat Map Macro
• Removes all dependencies on old redistributable by removing Lead Tools and uses Windows Graphics Device Interface + (GDI+) for graph export
• Uses the latest Sentinel License Manager which is compatible with the latest Microsoft Server 2022
• Uses a hosted licensing service for smooth license activation and validation
• Has a new and refreshed ribbon manager that enhances the already commendable user experience in SigmaPlot

The new features are listed on the website of SYSTAT.
One of the nice new graphs is the Clustered heat map, which is a visualization of numeric data assigned to the levels of two categorical variables. This type of data can be displayed in a table where the rows refer to the levels of one variable and the columns refer to the levels of the other variable.

We do expect that new features will become available in due time. We keep you posted.

Prices of SigmaPlot have not been changed!!

The goal of Inpixon is that SigmaPlot become a leading software for scientific graphing. The target is that SigmaPlot will become the product for many data analysts, and Inpixon expects to become the market leader of Graphing data. A specific new version of SigmaPlotNG will be developed to meet the need for students. We have much confidence that SigmaPlot will become a great product.

It is not just a minor update. This is the first version that the new owner, Inpixon Inc, has released.

DEMO download
See here for the download link for a free trial SigmaPlot V15.

All SigmaPlot V14 users with current active Maintenance will receive this SigmaPlot V15 for free.

Do you wish to extend the use of SigmaPlot V15, an offer or do you wish to place an order, please contact Nina Brands at For technical questions please contact Jan Smit


Prices per November 1st, 2022

Non Academic:

SigmaPlot 15 single user license perpetual                   €750,-
Optional : Annual Maintenance and support 12 months                   €230,-

Upgrades to 15:

For current Maintenance and Support license                   free
Upgrade from version 14, single user perpetual                   €165 ,-
Upgrade from version 13, single user perpetual                   €249 ,-



SigmaPlot V15 single user license perpetual                   €530,-
Optional : Annual Maintenance and support 12 months                   €200,-

Upgrades to V15:

For current Maintenance and Support license                   free
Upgrade from version 14, single user perpetual                   €165,-
Upgrade from version 13, single user perpetual                   €249,-


Free Webinar

Free webinars can be viewed via: 

Logistic Regression in SigmaPlot

PERFORMING Multiple Logistic Regression with SigmaPlot 15.pdf

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