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(SigmaPlot Development and support has been taken over by Inpixon. Maintenance & Support contracts remain honoured on the same level and procedure as before.  see press release: Inpixon-to-acquire-exclusive-global-license-for-development-distribution-of-systat-sigmaplot-software-suite)

Dear SigmaPlot user,

As we have reported, the products SigmaPlot and Systat have been acquired by Inpixon Inc USA in June 2020. We write this e-mail to indicate that we are confident that the developments for the SigmaPlot products are in good hands, and that they intend to further improve the products and add new possibilities that the market has indicated that they wish to add. Indeed, the developments of SigmaPlot in recent years have lagged somewhat behind those of other products for graphic presentation, but we have much confident in the future!
As already known, the release of SigmaPlot V 14.5 is already here, and for next year V15.

SigmaPlot 14.5

SigmaPlot is the product for creating revealing and exact graphs. All graphs are high quality and can directly be used in scientific publication.

What can SigmaPlot do for you?

• SigmaPlot software helps you quickly create exact graphs
• Graphing software that makes data visualization easy
• More than 100 2-D and 3-D technical graph types
• Customize every detail of your charts and graphs
• Quickly Plot your Data from Existing Graph Templates in the Graph Style Gallery
• Publish your charts and graphs anywhere • Share high-quality graphs and data on the Web

First steps with SigmaPlot (.pdf) 

New Sigmaplot 14.5

Dear SigmaPlot user,

We are pleased to inform you about the latest update of SigmaPlot V14.5. See also enclosed (.pdf) highlights version 14.5.

It is not just a minor update. This is the first version that the new owner, Inpixon Inc, has released.

The development of the SYSTAT products has been taken over, of which SigmaPlot is the most important one. We have spoken our trust in them.

We expect an upgrade to a complete new version SigmaPlot V15 end 2021 with quite a number of new features and possibillities.

SigmaPlot remains the best product for scientific graphs and data presentation.

DEMO download
See here the download link for a free trial at or for SigmaPlot V14.5 new features at .

All SigmaPlot V14 users with current active Maintenance will receive this SigmaPlot V14.5 for free.

Do you wish to extend the use of SigmaPlot V14, an offer or do you wish to place an order, please contact Nina Brands at For technical questions please contact Jan Smit

Tech tips

Belangrijke TechTips treft u hieronder aan. U kunt kiezen per subject/onderwerpen. De meeste  pdf’s zijn in het Engels en zijn opgesteld door onze support specialist Tim Spragens, die bij Systat GmbH is gestationeerd.

TechTips per onderwerp:

Voor meer informatie klik hier.


Prices per 1st January 2021

Non Academic

SigmaPlot 14.5, single user license perpetual                   €795,-
Optional : Annual Maintenance and support                   €230,-

Upgrades to 14.5:

For current Maintenance and Support license                   free
Upgrade from version 14, single user perpetual *                   €145 ,-
Upgrade from version 13, single user perpetual *                   €260 ,-


SigmaPlot V14, single user license perpetual                   €530,-
Optional : Annual Maintenance and support                   €200,-

Upgrades to V14.5:

For current Maintenance and Support license                   free
Upgrade from version 14, single user perpetual *                   €145 ,-
Upgrade from version 13, single user perpetual *                   €260 ,-


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