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GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System

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GAUSS Aptech Blog:

Check out the new GAUSS Blog for tips, tricks, and econometrics!  New postings weekly!

Recent topics include:
• The Basics of Quantile Regression
• Basic Bootstrapping in GAUSS
• Top five hotkeys to get more done in GAUSS
• Permutation Entropy
• Apples to Apples: The case for cluster-robust standard errors
• and More!

NEW Tutorials and Learning Resources:

There are regularly added new tutorials on the website. Coming soon will be video tutorials as well.  We hope that you find these valuable.

Current topics include:
• GAUSS Basics
• Loading Data
• Formula string syntax
• Econometrics basics in GAUSS
• Generalized Method of Moments (GMM)
• Bayesian fundamentals
• Graphing in GAUSS
• Optimizing your GAUSS code
• Threading in GAUSS
• Using Structures
• Multi-dimensional arrays in GAUSS
• Time Series Analysis
• Quantile Regression

More news from GAUSS

The GAUSS Run-Time Module (GRTM) allows users to distribute GAUSS applications that they have written to people who do not have GAUSS. Developers distribute a compiled file to end users along with the GRTM. This is available with GAUSS at no extra charge.

GAUSS Data Tool is a stand-alone program for working with GAUSS data sets. GAUSS Data Tool loads the columns of the data sets into a workspace as vectors where they can be transformed or modified using simple intuitive statements. Data sets can also be created by simulation using a variety of models, e.g., probit, logit, GARCH, linear. A new version of a data set can be generated where missing data are replaced by single or multiple imputations from a maximum likelihood extimation using EM algorithm.

GAUSS Engine Add the SPEED and POWER of GAUSS to applications written in C, C++, Java, VB or other development environments that support C language API. The GAUSS Engine is a dynamically linked library for compiling and executing GAUSS programs from another application. Data can be passed back and forth between the GAUSS Engine workspace and the application. Royalty-free distribution of your GAUSS Engine applications is available. (for more information click here)

GAUSS Applications Pre-written, customizable GAUSS programs designed to increase user productivity and extend GAUSS functionality in the fields of statistics, finance, engineering, physics, linear algebra, simulation, risk analysis and more. (For more information click here)

(Platinum) Premier Support is an annually renewable membership program that provides you with important benifits including technical support, product maintenance and substantial (Platinum : at no cost) cost saving features for your GAUSS System or GAUSS Engine software.

For more information:
GAUSS Data Tool
GAUSS Engine
(Platinum) Premier Support


Update December 2022

The new GAUSS 23 is the most practical GAUSS yet! It’s built with the intention to save you time on everyday research tasks like finding, importing, and modeling data.

Data at Your Fingertips

* Access millions of global economic and financial data series with FRED and DBnomics integration.
* Aggregate, filter, sort, and transform FRED data series during import.
* Search FRED series from GAUSS.

Load Data from Anywhere on the Internet

Simplified Data Loading with…

Automatic Type Detection: Previous versions required formula strings with keywords to specify date,
string, and categorical variables from some file types.
Automatic Header and Delimiter Detection
Automatically handles:
* Present or absent header row.
* Delimiter (tab, comma, semi-colon or space).
* Number of rows and columns.
* Variable types.

First-Class Dataframe Storage

Expanded Quantile Regressions

Kernel Density Estimations

Improved Covariance Computations

New Functions for Data Cleaning and Exploration

Speed-ups and Efficiency Improvements

For a complete list of all GAUSS 23 offers please see the complete changelog.


Optimization MT

Free Upgrade:

Constrained Optimization MT 2.0 Optimization MT 2.0 Nu beschikbaar! Uw GRATIS Upgrade is inclusief als onderdeel van uw Platinum Premier Support & Maintenance

MAsk us any queations you may have at:

Constrained Optimization MT 2.0

Constrained Optimization MT (COMT) solves the Nonlinear Programming problem, subject to general constraints on the parameters – linear or nonlinear, equality or inequality, using the Sequential Quadratic Programming method in combination with several descent methods selectable by the user.

COMT’s ability to handle general nonlinear functions and nonlinear constraints along with other features, such as the Trust Region Method, allow you to solve a wide range of sophisticated optimization problems. Built on the speed and number crunching ability of the GAUSS platform, COMT quickly computes solutions to large problems, making it ideal for large scale Monte Carlo or Bootstrap optimizations.

Version 2.0 is easier to use than ever!

  • New syntax options eliminate the need for PV and DS structures:
    -Decreasing the required code up to 25%.
    -Decreasing runtime up to 20%.
    -Simplifying usage.
  • Optional dynamic arguments make it simple and transparent to add extra data arguments beyond model parameters to your objective function.
  • Updated documentation and examples.
  • Fully backwards compatible with COMT 1.0

See for more information and an example on

Optimization MT 2.0

Optimization MT (OPTMT) provides a suite of tools for the unconstrained optimization of functions. It has many features, including a wide selection of descent algorithms, step-length methods, and “on-the-fly” algorithm switching. Default selections permit you to use OPTMT with a minimum of programming effort. All you provide is the function to be optimized and start values, and OPTMT does the rest.

OPTMT 2.0 is easier to use than ever!

New syntax options eliminate the need for PV and DS structures:
• Decreasing the required code up to 25%.
• Decreasing runtime up to 20%.
• Simplifying usage.
Optional dynamic ar guments make it simple and transparent to add extra data arguments beyond model parameters to your objective function.
• Updated documentation and examples.
• Fully backwards compatible with OPTMT 1.0
• And More….

See for more information and an example on


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