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Smit Consult offers Consultancy in Statistics

Drs. Ing J.A.C.M. Smit (Jan Smit) director of Smit Consult hereby informs you that he is pleased to further assist the customers of Smit Consult but also other companies that wishes to obtain assistance in Data Analyses, Modeling and Information.

We have the best resources in enabling to assist you. Jan Smit of Smit Consult is engineer, however the subject matter knowledge from the engineer as the spot will have to contribute to the interpretation of the results, the constraints that are met, and the a-priori knowledge of the matter. Statistics and Data Analyses goes with the field in which it is used. Patterns in the data are only real patterns that can be interpreted and further exploited by the field expert.

For more information about our Consultancy: click here (.pdf)